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  • What is typical turnaround time on my order?
    Turnaround time averages 7 – 10 business days from the final approval of all artwork, estimates and mock ups along with the receipt of garment(s). Turnaround time may vary depending on the time of year and/or workload. You will always be notified prior to the start of your job or as soon as we know.
  • What if I need my order sooner than 7 – 10 business days?
    Rush Fees apply and are based on how quickly of a turnaround is.
  • What is the spoilage rate?
    White or light colored garment without an underbase 2% Dark garment with an underbase 4% We aim to deliver a 0% spoilage on the prints / decorations and if possible will work to resolve any issues. We can not be held liable for any imperfections to the garment(s) from the manufacturing, shipping or prior to being in our physical possession.
  • Can I request a sample?
    Yes. The cost varies depending on the sample and process being used. We reserve the right to deny a sample request as it is not always feasible.
  • Can I add to my order after it is submitted?
    Yes… up until your order goes into production then it is a no. Adding items to an order may delay production until all new additional items are received.
  • What is screen printing?
    Screen printing is the process of using mesh stencil (screen) to push ink through onto a surface which is then dried with heat (cured) in order to fuse the ink to the print surface. TERMS Film: Transparency used to print your design onto which is then used to create the screen. Screen: Mesh stencil used to transfer ink onto printing surface. Each color requires its own screen. Underbase: Like painting a wall some paint surfaces need to be primed first in order to receive the ink. This is required anytime a black or dark garment is printed. Add 1 color, screen, film and flash. Flash: During the printing process of multiple colors, a "FLASH" is a quick shot of heat which does not cure but gels the underbase in order to accept and fuse the top color so they bond.
  • What is embroidery?
    Embroidery is the process of sewing digital designs in extreme accuracy and detail with the help of machines. This process uses thread and requires a special file called "DIGITIZING" TERMS Digitizing: Process of converting a file or design to a readable format acceptable to embroidery machines. This is specific software. If your image or design changes in size or content a new digitized file must be created.
  • What is graphic design?
    Graphic design is the converting of ideas and artwork into high resolution images ready to be made into Films for screen printing. TERMS Vector: High resolution artwork which is minimim 300 dpi (dots per inch). This artwork can be scaled to large or small without distorting or becoming pixelated (blurry). Files usually end in (.ai, .eps, .pdf).
  • Can you rush my order?
    Yes! Rush fees apply and are based on how quick of a turnaround is requested.
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