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The possibilities are endless with the Direct to Garment (DTG) process. This process is best utilized when there is a low quantity of shirts to be printed, a need for a lot of colors to be used or unique and customized pieces to be printed.  This is why DTG is a great alternative.  DTG allows for orders like this to be both cost effective and efficient as there is minimal setup needed in order to produce these garments unlike screen printing which requires significant set up and labor.  We will say though, high resolution, good quality artwork is a must in order to provide a good, crisp, vibrant print.  DTG uses 100% waterbased inks which are environmentally friendlywith minimal waste and provide a soft nonabrasive print which soaks into the garment’s fibers.


One off custom piecesare virtually impossible in screen printing but are no problem with DTG.  Whether you want a custom shirt for a special occasion or you prefer a soft vintage feel, this process provides it all.  


Like any process, DTG has some limitations in the types of fabrics that can be used.  DTG works best on 100% cotton garments or poly/cotton blends (cotton being the higher percentage) and white or light garments print best.

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